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Packages and Services

We understand that TIME is of an essence for the community due to your ever busy schedule. However, gathering and laughter must always be part of your life so that we always have these happy moments in our sweet memories.

At The Caveman BBQ, we will take care of the food, drinks and the essential items for your event!

Book your time for the BBQ pit, we will send the rest to you! Do it now!

Caveman Basic 

Recommended for small group gathering (between 8 to 10pax)

Caveman Feast 

Recommended for group gathering (between 15 to 20pax)

Premium Plus

Recommended for group gathering (between 40 to 45pax)

Silver Plus 

Recommended for group gathering (For 60 to 70pax)

Caveman Premium

Recommended for big group gathering (between 25 to 30pax)

Directed Package

Click on the menu to see more ala carte local food to be added!

Like to host an event but you do not want to be the one grilling the food??
Leave this to The Caveman BBQ Team -> The Onsite Cavemen!

Drop us an email today and please state your event date and time. As this is a pair duo showtime, we will need to check on the schedule before we can confirm the slot availability. 



Please note:

The Onsite Cavemen will only be grilling food ordered from The Caveman BBQ Menu and no exception grilling will be made. 

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